1) Can you send to me a free sample?
We are currency not doing that 

2) how should i apply my wax over hair?
Apply the wax in the same direction of the hair growths and remove the wax against the direction of the hair growths.

3) Why my wax breaks when I am going to remove it?
If your wax breaks when you are trying to remove is because you are applying a so thin layer over the hair, and the trick of the hard wax is applying a portion that get a strong shape to take off all the hairs. Also, if you leave the wax for too much after apply they will be broken and will be hard to remove, try to take off after 30 seconds of dry

4) Why my wax does not remove all my hairs?
To get a complete hair removal is necessary apply a thicker layer over direction as the hair growths and pull it against the directions of the hair growths. All of waxes remove all the hair, the trick is taking off is the adverse directions.

5) How can i melted my wax?
For melted any of your Saski Wax Hard wax beads or coins just use a wax warmer or warmer pot specially for melted wax to hair removal. Please not use a microwave, not use a rice cooker or a regular fry pan.

6) How long takes the wax to be melted?
Apply a quantity as much as you need inside of your wax warmer, turn on the machine and play the knob until low temperature, leave the wax start to melt for 10 minutes until have a caramel consistency.

7) Can i mixed the wax?
Yes of course you can mix any of the Saski Wax as you like it so just remember there one wax hardest than another.

8) Can i eat the wax?
Not way! The wax is not for be eaten or get ingestions inside the body in none of their presentations.

9) Can you do any recommendations after waxing?
• Not use soaps in the next two hours after epilation
• Avoid sun, tanning or any astringent in the next 8 hours after waxing.